Spiros Georgiadis

Business & Sales Development Executive.

Bay Area, San Francisco.

“You will never do anything in the world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor.”

Aristotle, 367 BC.

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Spiros Georgiadis Executive Biography

Mr. Georgiadis brings more than 20+ years’ global experience in delivering market expansion, business development, product management, marketing, and sales launch plans for SaaS technology services as well as manufacturing industries focused on electronics and telecommunication. He brings his steep background in executive oversight to realize international expansion and successfully transition focus from initial research and development phase into commercialization operations. 

Spiros is considered an expert in guiding pre-market development SaaS and software product offerings. He is highly sought after to consult on topics of product research, development, management, and market launch, offering a diverse background in global portfolio expansion efforts as well as early- and late-phase projects during his progressive career into CEO and COO roles at globally focused organizations.  

With a reputation as a disruptive thinker and visionary in embracing fresh thinking, Spiros created from the ground up the concept of structure for entire product franchise, modeling, product definition, and market launch through collaboration with diverse engineering, marketing, product and executive leadership teams along with balancing new portfolio with commercial operations in Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe, including expansion to 33 countries across Europe for one product launch. 

Among his biggest accomplishments is balancing business and socioeconomic climates by maintaining a stable trajectory for sales during the volatile European Debt Crisis, effectively safeguarding company assets in the wake of declining Greek and European economies. 

He maintains great respect as a leader in galvanizing high-performance sales, marketing, business development, and product teams in taking on a singular vision and oneness of purpose and is a consistent champion for building teams that deliver tactical marketing, regional growth, and revenue gains within global landscapes.

With a winning personality and approachable manner, Spiros has a strong background for developing and maintaining mutually beneficial working relationships with C-suite executives, opinion drivers, government entities, and key stakeholders. He brings credibility and trustworthiness to the relationship equation.

Spiros holds an MBA, a Master’s degree in finance, and a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics.












Executive Vice President (Acting CEO)
Santa Clara, Bay Area

Sonel Test & Measurements

Directed the development of strategic alliances and sales channels to achieve overreaching goals for compliance and customer service while directly contributing to bottom-line revenue success. Apply diverse knowledge of global markets to adapt sales and service methodologies to fit specific country needs. Define programs and processes as a foundation for ongoing growth and revenue enhancement.

Chief Executive Officer
Atlanta, Georgia




Mantis Informatics Inc.

Started up US subsidiary in < 1 year by developing partners & strategic alliances. Promoted extensively to executive leadership for a leading European WMS/logistics software and solutions vendor, addressing the demanding requirements of large enterprises.

Chief Executive Officer
Warsaw, Poland




Mantis Poland & Central Europe

Developed Mantis regional presence in Poland during volatile economic conditions. Developed sales strategies and partnerships to build new revenue streams.

Athens University of Business, Greece

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

University of Piraeus, Greece

Master of Science in Applied Science & Finance

University of Ioannina, Greece

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics & IT

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Design Thinking

Strategic Management

Customer Success


Sales Leadership

Relationship building


A global leader in business development, market expansion, and revenue growth with a solid track record of expanding the international organizational footprint for emerging and established software & SaaS organizations. Effectively develops global sales alliance for B2B and B2C organizations within high tech and manufacturing sectors.


Led teams yet still loves to negotiate in face-to-face meetings with customers and close big deals. Highly praised for work ethic, problem-solving abilities, and communication skills. Known for tenacity, determination, “servant leader” approach, and consistently delivering results regardless of conditions. See testimonials on LinkedIn.


A motivating team leader who inspires team members to achieve beyond expectation pursuing aggressive organizational goals. Excited to developed  startup companies and grew revenue through active business development within a network of partners, across the world and contribute in both business and social level.